Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cowtown Marathon

Today I ran my second fastest marathon ever. It was a real struggle the last few miles as I was fighting off cramps in my right hamstring. My time was 3:49:21 which I'm super proud of because I've run very little in the last three weeks since I DNFd at Rocky Raccoon 100 at mile 56 with leg problems.

I'm also proud of Marla as she finished her first half marathon and only started training a couple of months ago. She had a great time and is already looking for a date for her second attempt and setting a PR. I think she's hooked now.

As for me I need to heal up so I'll probably spend some time on the bike for a few weeks and stay off the roads. I've got a few months until the Big D marathon which will probably be my next race.


Marla said...

Thanks babe, it was fun being out there with you. So glad you rocked the marathon after your "kiddie loop" at Rocky. Look out world, he's baaaaaaaaaack!!!!! ;)

That Pink Girl said...

First off, congratulations to you both!!! It was an incredible day for racing. One of those days I'm just so thankful to be running!
Secondly, LOVE this pic of y'all! You both look so happy & the sun is shining perfectly!

LifeisaRun said...

Way to go! That's really impressive you did your 2nd fastest marathon after taking some time off! You are awesome!

chris mcpeake said...

Congrats on the race. Way to tough it out to a good time.